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When people immigrate to a country, they always feel a particular affinity to their original homeland. They tend to take their culture more seriously as a way of finding something to hold on in a new uncertain world. Although many Asians in UK are now citizens having been born and brought up in the country, by and large the still follow their Asian culture meticulously. Asian weddings are therefore a good blend of tradition and modernity. The beauty and dancing in these weddings and in particular Indian weddings, is next to none. If you are organizing an Asian wedding, you need to have experts do your photography and video coverage. At the Ace Star, we are a team of specialist Asian wedding photographers covering all Indian weddings such as Sikh weddings, Punjabi weddings, Hindu weddings as well as Muslim weddings. As a leading wedding organisation, we also cover other weddings such as Christian and English weddings. We cater for both wedding photography and video coverage. Our wedding photography coverage area includes London and the greater London areas as well as South-East England. We also cover other parts of UK such as Scotland , West Yorkshire, Midlands,Luton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby Leicester, Bradford, Oldham, and the rest of the UK.

The reason we have built a reputation as the Indian wedding photographer of choice is our unrivalled professionalism and attention to detail. We take the time to learn about the important people expected in the wedding and also the close family members. This allows us to make a point of including them in the video and photo coverage. Something else that has also made us the leading London wedding photographer is the use of the best equipment in the business. We do not take chances and always carry back-up equipment in case of any eventuality. Good equipment in the hands of amateurs cannot translate to good pictures. We therefore only use experienced professional photographers and videographers who have an eye for the perfect shots. Being your most important day, we take numerous shots from all angles that capture the excitement of your wedding. Our video coverage captures the mood of the occasion perfectly by sometimes taking close-up shots to bring the emotions to life. Having done wedding photography for a long time now, we place our crew strategically to avoid interfering with the proceedings. In fact most of our shots are taken naturally without asking the subjects to pose or retake a scene. We also always include a family photo shoot as a souvenir for all members to keep. If you want to make your Indian wedding exceptional, coming to the expert Indian wedding photographer will give you powerful memories to cherish.

What We Do

Make your once-in-a-life moments memorable with an experienced Professional Asian wedding photographer or Indian wedding photographer. We capture special moments ranging from bride’s walking to the stage to seven-vows through wedding photography. Ace Star Photographers is a wedding photography company in London UK with specialisation in Indian wedding photography, English wedding photography, English wedding video, Indian wedding video, contemporary wedding photography and reportage wedding photography.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in wedding photography in the UK ranging from artistic fashion to photojournalist to various other styles. We have team of experienced and skilled wedding photographers for Hindu weddings, Punjabi and Sikh wedding, Muslim and Islamic wedding and Non-Asian wedding including Christian wedding in various parts of the UK like London, Greater London, South-East of England, Midlands, Scotland, West Yorkshire, Manchester and many more.

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